April 24, 2018

How to Gemba Walk – 9 Tips and Rules.

How to Gemba Walk is explained in this video.

9 Tips and Rules to run an effective Gemba Walk.

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Here the transcript of the video on How to Gemba Walk.

Tips & Rules to run an effective Gemba Walk …

In collaboration with: Fabrizio Cireddu (Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen)

1) Gemba is not an audit; it is a team work

2) Manager must be a coach-mentor for his team

3) Focus Gemba Walk on particular area where you have KPI gaps

4) Define before > target, agenda and prepare checklist with all participants

5) Duration must be min 30 minutes – max 60 minutes

6) One Gemba walk audit * week in each department

7) Start Gemba walk checking status from previous priorities and finish with new priorities

8) Max 6 priorities ( 3 * department , 2 * support department, 1 * top management)

9) At the end of Gemba Walk, the team must discuss what learning point is.


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